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The Human Heart, Emotional Baggage, and the Heart-Wall 


Why is Removing Your Emotional Heart Wall Necessary?
Releasing our blocked and buried feelings and emotions is one of the most important aspects of the of getting our health and life back. Unless the destructive behavior patterns and beliefs we absorbed from our childhood environment are allowed to dissolve, they will continue to warp every area of adult behavior. The emotional life is like a mighty river, flowing inside us all.

 When we attempt to dam up a river, the water no longer circulates freely: it stagnates or seeks other means of release. Just as a dam breaking can cause great damage, just so repression of feelings turns our emotions into a destructive, threatening force. We owe it to ourselves to discover what our true feelings and desires are really like with these past emotions. 
Most people think of the brain as the core of a human being, housing emotions, memories and thoughts, and controlling all bodily functions. But consider this:

* The heart generates 60-to-1000 times more power and electromagnetic energy than the brain, making by far it the most powerful organ in the human body.

* When a fetus is in the womb, its heart forms first, before the brain.

*If the heart’s connection to the brain were severed, it would keep right on beating, pumping blood to the rest of the body and more. No other organs are capable of this.  It is your heart that defines you. Your heart is the core of your being, not your brain.
In the 1970s, a new branch of medicine called neurocardiology was created when scientists discovered that the heart has its own elaborate nervous system. It sends information to the brain and throughout the rest of the body with each and every heartbeat.
 Fascinating new research proves that the heart produces it's own very powerful magnetic field, a field that extends out from the body up to twelve feet in diameter. Using the most sophisticated magnetic measuring devices currently available, scientists have shown that when one person is feeling love or affection for another person, their heart-waves become instantly measurable in the brain-waves of the other person.

It appears the heart has its own powerful and unique intelligence, which tells us that it’s not simply the organ that pumps our blood and keeps us alive. Take the large number of heart transplant recipients who’ve reported incredible changes after transplant surgery. There have been reports of odd new cravings, handwriting changes, musical preferences, and even strange new memories that don’t seem to be their own. These are simply transplanted along with the heart, and the recipient experiences them as if they were his own, just like the heart’s previous owner did.

Scientifically speaking, these cravings, preferences and memories are made of energy, just as all other things around us are. Emotions are no different. Emotions like “heartache” and “heartbreak”, describe the physical sensations that occur in the heart during strong emotional situations; they are made of pure energy, and named after their physical effects on the body. In fact, these emotions and others, such as “anger”, “grief” and “fear,” often get stuck in the body’s energy field; these are called Trapped Emotions. When Trapped Emotions gather around the heart, they form what is called a Heart-Wall, a protective energetic barrier created by the subconscious mind. Heart-Walls are invisible, just like ultraviolet light or the vast majority of the electromagnetic spectrum, but their energy is very real and quite powerful, and can have an incredible effect on people’s lives.
 So the phrase “putting up a wall” actually has a basis in reality! Heart-Walls are protective, but the problem is this: the wall is made up of negative emotions- negative energy. Because of this, anyone with a Heart-Wall can’t give or receive love fully, since all messages coming into the heart or going out are muffled by the negative energy of the Trapped Emotions. Someone could be sending out pure love to you, but that love has to somehow get past the barrier of “sadness” and “anger” that envelops your heart.
Whenever we find ourselves blaming anyone on the outside of ourselves for anything, it is always because we have failed to realize that our feelings of depression, loniness, and incompleteness are coming from the inside.
Attempting to comdemn anyone on the outside always comes because of our own lack of self-esteem and power; we feel helpness and worthless on the inside and project this outside. If this remains unrecognized, no relationship can withstand this destructive power. If we attempt to hold onto past emotions, we suffer and life becomes more complex.
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The results of the heart wall session  made me do a double-take.  I was extremely impressed by the accuracy of the results and would like to know how you could possibly do that? 

Martha of Texas


So you know my two main areas of concern were my abs and legs leading into my contest prep.  With your guidance, I tapped frequently on these two areas.  Well after the show I spoke with the judges to ask for recommendations for improvement.  They said I had a good lat spread and I needed to bring the rest of my upper body up to match my legs and abdominals.  I was stunned, I knew they improved but not to that extent.  There is no doubt that the EFT techniques played a major role in my progress.  Thank you for your teachings and guidance with EFT. I'm ready to begin helping others use EFT to assist them in breaking down barriers and reaching their potential. 


Larry of Kentucky 
My symptoms are much better.  I no longer have to get up repeatedly throughout the night to use the rest room and I am not sweating throughout the night.

Brett of Kentucky


Wow! My leg no longer hurts what did you do…

 Darlene of Virginia
Law of Attraction


What is the Law of Attraction?


Many people have recently become aware of the Law of Attraction due to the major publicity it has been receiving lately. It is a term that you may have heard, although many may be unclear about its definition. Additionally, you may not know how to use it for beneficial purposes in your own life. This term, made more popular recently, is one that has been around for centuries. It is the simple concept that what one puts out into the universe is exactly what one gets back. There are many different terms for this. In the 1960s it was called Karma. Right now you may be thinking the basic concept is “you get what you deserve.” No matter what you choose to call it, the idea is still the same - what you put out there is what you get in return. This concept has been spoken of and referred to in many different religious writings and teachings, including the Bible and the Koran. These are concepts that worked successfully in ancient times and still work today. At its core, the Law of Attraction states that if you think positive thoughts you will receive positive experiences and you will get what you want out of life. If you think negative thoughts you will receive negative experiences. Let us be clear that we are not speaking of the intellectual thoughts that help you calculate mathematics. We are talking about your conscious thoughts and your subconscious mind that you may or may not be aware of. These thoughts are on a more emotional level and these are the thoughts that can extremely impact your life.


If you feel anger toward the world, you will receive anger back from the world. If you feel nothing but happiness toward the world, that is exactly what you will experience in return. If you feel abundance or wealth toward the world, this is what you will get back. You can see how the Law of Attraction can provide you with the life of your dreams with the proper mindset. The Law of Attraction encompasses all of your thoughts, feelings, the images in your mind, and your actions. In turn, all four of these aspects also directly contribute to the Law of Attraction. You must be fully aware of each one of these areas of your life and make sure that you are putting positive energy out there for the universe in order to receive positive things in return.


Now, one would think that if this law was so powerful that everyone else would know of it. Some people were able to discover and utilize it centuries ago – but through the progressive, rationalistic evolution of human thought this particular stepping stone was lost.


 The law of attraction is capable of giving you:


- A truly happy, content life

- Perfect health (or as close to perfect as possible)

- The ability to achieve whatever you want in life

- The ability to become who you wish to become in this life

- The ability to manifest both small successes and big successes – without limitations

- All the success that you want (it doesn’t matter if the success you want lies in personal relationships, in your finances, etc.)

- The ability to overcome present and future obstacles/hindrances in life

- The ability to manifest miracles in your daily life

- The ability to manifest healing in every aspect of your existence – not just physical healing but also spiritual healing

- The infinite source of individual wisdom and internal steering/guidance that every person needs to survive in harsh times and succeed in more positive, opportune times


The law of attraction is over-arching in nature – it exists in the smallest components of the universe and also helps govern the various forms of life on Earth. The law of attraction is not magical nor does it exist only for small groups of people. The law of attraction can be used by anyone, anytime as long as a person is able to understand and properly apply its principles.

The law of attraction may be as big as the universe itself, but it is not unreachable. As we have mentioned earlier, it can exist and work for anyone, including you. Think of the wealthiest people in the world. Think of how they worked their way to the very pinnacle in their own fields of endeavor.


They have been able to attract everything they want in life because they think of nothing but their deepest desires in life. This strong desire, coupled with action and other factors, has allowed them to utilize the law of attraction fully. The law of attraction does not choose people; not at all. It works if you set things into motion.


It works if you erase negativity and embrace positivity. The law of attraction will also work even if you have already hit rock bottom in life – as long as you keep your thoughts positive and keenly focused on what you want in life. Think of the billionaires in the world – do you think they have never lost large sums of fortune before?


They have – it is impossible that they haven’t lost at least some fortune due to bad financial decisions. But they remain extremely wealthy. Why is this? It is the law of attraction, of course.


They know how to manifest what they really want in life and this gives them an extreme advantage over others. As we have discussed earlier, the law of attraction does not take sides. If a person thinks of nothing but the worst things in life – these negative things will come to that person, because that is precisely what he is attracting, either consciously or unconsciously. Are you still confused?


Before I go any further, I want to be clear on one thing that I now know to be unequivocally true - reality is nothing more than your acceptance of reality. If you truly believe that your reality should be a certain way, it will. Regardless of whether they are positive or negative, your thoughts ultimately create your reality.


From this day on, you will want to try to live a life that fully incorporates the Law of Attraction. Day by day, you will want to make both small and large changes in your life that will help you move forward with your goal of attracting experiences, concepts and things into your life.

EFT and Mesothelioma
Individuals diagnosed with mesothelioma and other cancers often find relief from pain and emotional stress by utilizing Emotional Freedom Technique.  Learn more about pleural mesothelioma, and how EFT can be helpful for patients after mesothelioma surgery.  
           Introduction to EFT
Using EFT in a Hospital Setting
I just wanted to thank you for all of the clearing energy work you have done for me. I find your process fascinating. I can really feel a difference in myself having let go of all that "stuff"'s so freeing. I intend on remaining open and going with the flow of my life to keep my heart wall and auric walls free of blocks. If you have any other processes I'd be interested in finding out what else you do.
Thanks again and have a wonderful day
Wow, Norval.. Thank you so much.. I really am feeling great...Thank you for this beautiful work, I appreciate you so much...
Love and Light~
Ok Norval! Thank you!!!

I want to tell you, it was amazing the other night, he just up and asked me an emotional question that I knew was related to the work you are doing. This made me feel good because it showed me that it is surfacing out of him.
Thank you!! Its working. For me too! So much feel lifted from me so far.

The Emotion Code is pretty impressive!  My son’s flu symptoms went away right after his session. He is now back to his usual self normally it world have  taken him two to four days to recover.

Danae of Georgia

Energy Tips You Can Do Yourself

Law of Attraction Technique:
The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask. So don't think, What do I have to do today? or What do I need?
Ask yourself, What would I love to do today? What would I love to do with my life? Ask a different question and get a different life, because the way you talk to yourself creates your reality.
Freeze-Frame Technique:
This is the simplest of the HeartMath tools. It is a one-minute technique that allows a major shift in perception. More than positive thinking, it creates a definitive, heartfelt shift in how we view a situation, an individual or ourselves. When under stress:
  1. Shift out of the head, and focus on the area around your heart. Keep
  2. your attention there for at least ten seconds. Continue to breathe normally.
  3. Recall a positive time or feeling you had in your life, and attempt to
  4. re-experience it. Remember, try not simply to visualize it, but rather to feel it fully.
  5. Ask a question from the heart: "What can I do in this situation to make it different?"
  6. or "What can I do to minimize stress?"
  7. Listen to the response of your heart.
You may hear nothing, but perhaps feel calmer. You may receive verification of something you already know, or you may experience a complete perspective shift, seeing the crisis in a more balanced way. Although we may not have control over the event, we do have control over our perception of it.
This technique can be use for almost anything that you are seeking answers for. Does not have to be used only when you are under stress.
The key is to use it often. You will get an answer each time you use it but it may take a few tries before you actually hear it. We are not use to listening from the heart and when we do we do not trust it. I am sure you had one of those times where you said
something told me to do that.

The best thing about listening from the heart is that it will never steer you wrong.